Filtration systems

Whilst Morriswood Pool is a Private Pool, its filtration system has been upgraded to run at commercial levels with twin sand filters and an ozone sanitization system.  The filters turn over 29,000 litres of water an hour!  The whole Pool takes approximately three and half hours to filter and the filters are left running 24 hours a day to ensure excellent water clarity. It is recommended that pool filters are left running for 8 to 12 hours a day and that Swimming Pool water is turned over two complete times, Morriswood Pool exceeds these recommendations as the water is turned over every three and a  half hours so completes at least six full filtrations a day.

The Maximum DESIGN Bathing Load is the number of bathers per Hour that the circulation and filtration equipment can successfully support without losing water quality. This means that the pool water will not begin to get cloudy through excessive dirt and debris, and the Free Chlorine level and pH value will remain within acceptable limits throughout the entire pool.

The Maximum DESIGN Bather Load = Pool Circulation Rate (in cubic metres per hour) divided by 1.7

Morriswood filters run at 29 cubic metres an hour, thus giving a recommended continuous usage rate of 17 users per hour. So Morriswood pool filtration system should be able to cope with up to 153 swimmers in a nine hour day.

The maximum safe bather level for a 600 square foot pool is 60, one person for every 10 square feet. We have had up to 50 guests in the pool for private parties and additional chlorine is used to shock treat the pool at the end of parties.  In practice, we have found that less than 100 people using the pool a day has little or no effect on water quality and its still looking as crystal clear at the end of the day as it is at the beginning of the day.

Chlorine is continuously fed slowly into the water using slow dissolving tablets that are placed in the pool skimmers. Additional granular chlorine or shock treatment is added as needed.

Due to the size of parking and Changing Rooms at Morriswood, we restrict class sizes to five people plus one instructor, thus the pool is normally only running at 64% of theoretical recommended maximum usage levels per hour.

Whilst Morriswood has commercial grade filtration equipment, Morriswood also has a supplemental sanitizer system called the Del Ozone Eclipse. The Ozone system installed can be used as a primary sanitization system for smaller pools, however it is used as a  supplemental system at Morriswood.  Maximum recommended pool size for secondary sanitization  is 50,000 gallons of water, Morriswood pool is half this size at 25,000 gallons so the sanitization system is only running at 50% of its theoretical recommended usage.

Ozone for pools is an extremely powerful antimicrobial oxidizing agent that is 200 times more powerful than chlorine and other harsh chemical sanitizers. Ozone is the most effective system for destroying bacteria, viruses, mold, algae and other unwanted particulates, yet it is 100% environmentally safe. The only byproduct of ozone is oxygen, unlike its chemical counterparts that produce a myriad of personal and environmental concerns. DEL Ozone systems are completely automatic. Ozone in your water is simply the best water quality you can have for your pool. Ozone provides clean, clear water and reduces chemicals and other additives.

Health and Safety

Morriswood Pool is surrounded by Heronrib Non slip Wet Area Matting.

Heronrib wet area matting is the ultimate sports and leisure matting system for

Wet areas where barefoot traffic is extensive. Other properties include its warmth and comfort and its slip, bacterial and fungal resistance. Heronrib is self draining.

The water quality we have covered in the filtration section however to comply with duty of care both the Swimming Pool owners and Swimming Teachers are required to test PH levels and Chorine levels and to perform a visual inspection to ensure that filter equipment and sanitization systems are functioning correctly.  Records are kept confirming PH and Chlorine are correct each day. A written record is also kept of how often the pool filters are back washed and any additional corrective action that is taken such a regular shock treatment.

Morriswood has clear signage to conform with basic health and safety regulations. These indicate that Pool users must refrain from running and diving and mark the Shallow end, Deep end and depth markers at regular intervals.   Fire exit signage and emergency exit signage is also in place.

The swimming pool has a ridged safety cover in place when water is not in use, Swimming Pool Instructors are required to remove this just before lessons start and replace this cover before they leave the pool area. The Safety Cover is designed to French law as no UK law exists on the usage of Pool Covers, this should help prevent toddlers or infants from drowning as theoretically if a small child was to fall onto the Pool Cover they should be able to crawl off of it to the safety of the side.

Morriswood Pool is fitted with emergency lighting that complies with current legal legislation.

Toilet and Changing Room doors are fitted with locks that can be opened from the outside with a coin should children lock themselves in.

A First Aid box is located in the Swimming Pool area and Instructors are required by law to complete regular First Aid courses.

All Swimming Instructors are required to have they own liability insurance and a copy of this is required for our files each year.

A full health and safety risk assessment of Morriswood pool has been completed and action taken to try to prevent or minimise any risks.

Action taken to improve health and safety at Morriswood pool includes:

  • Painting of the floor with non- slip paint.
  • Addition of Heronrib Matting around the pool to help prevent slips and falls.
  • Clear signage indicating No Running and No Diving.
  • Swimmers are warned of a trip hazard caused by the Swimming Pool cover rail.
  • Fire Exit signage installed
  • Emergency lighting installed
  • Our Plant Room is kept locked and signage on the Plant Room door indicates no unauthorized access.
  • Swimming Pool rules of usage are emailed/given to all persons using the pool and parents are asked to sign a disclaimer/agreement indicating that they have read and understood the pool usage rules.

Morriswood Owners have Public and Property liability insurance, however liability for safety once in the Swimming Pool passes onto the Swim Schools and individual Swim Teachers. Morriswood Owners insist on checking the Insurance of all Swim Schools that use the Pool and keep on file the insurance details of all Swimming Teachers.

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